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World Metro Database

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All numerical data by Jordi Serradell 11/2011, except: Ridership data by John Kennes 07/2010. UN population data by Nordpil 2010. Ticket prices by UBS (Prices and Earnings, 2009, PDF, p. 20). Gauge, voltage, train width, and non-numerical data by Mike Rohde 11/2011. Cities found their way into the list according to Metrobits' criteria.

'Stations*' (with an asterisk) counts each interchange station as one. Daily ridership is annual ridership divided by 365 (for convenience; please note that weekday and weekend ridership may differ significantly and refer to the Annual Ridership column if desired). Ticket prices are for 10 km or 10 stops Price of a single ticket for the public transport network (bus, streetcar or metro) for a journey of approx. 10 km/6 miles or at least 10 stops (2009). Only one logo per city is shown.

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1 Adana18 Mar 2009Turkey13.5 km
2 Algiers1 Nov 2011Algeria13.5 km
3 Almaty1 Jan 2011Kazakhstan10.3 km19,200
4 Amsterdam16 Oct 1977Netherlands32.7 km233,000
5 Ankara30 Aug 1996Turkey55.1 km310,000
6 Antwerp25 Mar 1975Belgium7.6 km
7 Athens1954Greece60.3 km937,000
8 Atlanta30 Jun 1979USA79.2 km93,200
9 Baku6 Nov 1967Azerbaijan34.6 km501,000
10 Baltimore21 Nov 1983USA24.5 km49,300
11 Bangalore15 Sep 2011India18.0 km
12 Bangkok5 Dec 1999Thailand86.4 km671,000
13 Barcelona30 Dec 1924Spain119.4 km1.07 million
14 Beijing1 Oct 1969China442.0 km6.74 million
15 Belo Horizonte1 Aug 1986Brazil28.1 km
16 Berlin18 Feb 1902Germany147.4 km1.38 million
17 Bielefeld21 Sep 1971Germany5.2 km
18 Bilbao11 Nov 1995Spain43.4 km247,000
19 Bochum26 May 1979Germany21.5 km
20 Bonn22 Mar 1975Germany9.0 km
21 Boston1 Sep 1897USA60.5 km403,000
22 Brasilia31 Mar 2001Brazil42.0 km151,000
23 Brescia22 Dec 2012Italy13.1 km
24 Brussels20 Sep 1976Belgium32.2 km364,000
25 Bucharest16 Nov 1979Romania69.3 km468,000
26 Budapest2 May 1896Hungary33.0 km827,000
27 Buenos Aires1 Dec 1913Argentina51.9 km844,000
28 Buffalo18 May 1985USA8.4 km
29 Bursa19 Aug 2002Turkey31.5 km
30 Busan19 Jul 1985South Korea133.4 km877,000
31 Cairo27 Sep 1987Egypt77.9 km2.29 million
32 Caracas27 Mar 1983Venezuela60.5 km1.33 million
33 Catania27 Jun 1999Italy3.8 km
34 ChangchunOct 2002China17.0 km
35 Changsha29 Apr 2014China22.0 km
36 Charleroi21 Jun 1976Belgium17.5 km
37 Chengdu27 Sep 2010China66.2 km282,000
38 Chennai19 Oct 1997India37.0 km
39 Chiba28 Mar 1988Japan15.5 km
40 Chicago6 Jun 1892USA166.0 km608,000
41 Chongqing18 Jun 2005China203.0 km
42 Cleveland15 Mar 1955USA31.0 km16,400
43 Cologne11 Oct 1968Germany45.0 km
44 Copenhagen19 Oct 2002Denmark21.0 km148,000
45 Daegu26 Nov 1997South Korea81.2 km348,000
46 Daejeon16 Mar 2006South Korea22.6 km104,000
47 Dalian1 May 2003China103.8 km121,000
48 Delhi24 Dec 2002India214.9 km1.66 million
49 DetroitJul 1987USA4.8 km
50 Dnepropetrovsk29 Dec 1995Ukraine7.1 km24,700
51 Dortmund17 May 1976Germany29.5 km
52 Dubai9 Sep 2009United Arab Emirates69.7 km299,000
53 Duesseldorf4 Oct 1981Germany9.6 km
54 Duisburg11 Jul 1992Germany14.3 km
55 Edmonton22 Apr 1978Canada20.4 km
56 Essen5 Oct 1967Germany20.2 km
57 Frankfurt4 Oct 1968Germany20.5 km
58 Fukuoka26 Jul 1981Japan29.8 km340,000
59 Gelsenkirchen1 Sep 1984Germany5.5 km
60 Genoa13 Jun 1990Italy7.1 km
61 Glasgow14 Dec 1896United Kingdom10.4 km35,600
62 Guadalajara1 Sep 1989Mexico24.0 km
63 Guangzhou28 Jun 1999China256.2 km5 million
64 Gwangju28 Apr 2004South Korea20.1 km49,300
65 Haifa1959Israel1.8 km
66 Hamburg1 Mar 1912Germany104.7 km545,000
67 Hangzhou24 Nov 2012China76.0 km
68 Hanover28 Sep 1975Germany18.6 km
69 Harbin26 Sep 2013China17.5 km
70 Helsinki3 Aug 1982Finland21.0 km170,000
71 Hiroshima20 Aug 1994Japan18.4 km49,300
72 Hong Kong1 Oct 1979Hong Kong S.A.R.178.0 km3.96 million
73 Incheon6 Oct 1999South Korea29.5 km244,000
74 Istanbul16 Sep 2000Turkey90.0 km214,000
75 Izmir22 May 2000Turkey20.1 km173,000
76 Jacksonville30 May 1989USA6.9 km
77 Jaipur3 Jun 2015India9.6 km
78 Kamakura3 Mar 1970Japan6.6 km
79 Kaohsiung9 Mar 2008Taiwan45.0 km142,000
80 Kazan27 Aug 2005Russia15.8 km74,000
81 Kharkov23 Aug 1975Ukraine37.4 km685,000
82 Kiev22 Oct 1960Ukraine67.6 km1.42 million
83 Kitakyushu9 Jan 1985Japan8.8 km
84 Kobe13 Mar 1977Japan30.6 km332,000
85 Kolkata24 Oct 1984India29.7 km474,000
86 Kryvyi Rih26 Dec 1986Ukraine18.0 km
87 Kuala Lumpur16 Dec 1996Malaysia64.0 km299,000
88 Kunming28 Jun 2012China58.5 km
89 Kyoto1 Apr 1981Japan31.3 km345,000
90 Las Vegas15 Jul 2004USA6.2 km
91 Lausanne24 May 1991Switzerland13.7 km
92 Lille25 Apr 1983France45.5 km263,000
93 Lima5 Apr 2012Peru34.4 km
94 Lisbon29 Dec 1959Portugal44.3 km501,000
95 London10 Jan 1863United Kingdom402.0 km3.21 million
96 Los Angeles30 Jan 1993USA59.3 km126,000
97 Ludwigshafen29 May 1969Germany4.0 km
98 Lyon28 Apr 1978France31.8 km704,000
99 Madrid17 Oct 1919Spain286.3 km1.74 million
100 Malaga30 Jul 2014Spain12.0 km
101 Manila1 Dec 1984Philippines51.5 km948,000
102 Maracaibo8 Jun 2009Venezuela6.5 km
103 Marseille26 Nov 1977France21.8 km205,000
104 Mashhad10 Oct 2011Iran19.0 km
105 Mecca13 Nov 2010Saudi Arabia18.1 km
106 Medellin30 Nov 1995Colombia28.8 km466,000
107 Mexico City5 Sep 1969Mexico180.0 km4.41 million
108 Miami21 May 1984USA39.8 km49,300
109 Milan1 Nov 1964Italy96.9 km899,000
110 Minsk26 Jun 1984Belarus37.2 km770,000
111 Monterrey25 Apr 1991Mexico31.5 km378,000
112 Montreal14 Oct 1966Canada69.2 km600,000
113 Moscow15 May 1935Russia329.3 km6.55 million
114 Muelheim3 Nov 1979Germany9.0 km
115 MumbaiIndia171.0 km
116 Munich19 Oct 1971Germany94.2 km986,000
117 Nagoya15 Nov 1957Japan93.1 km1.17 million
118 Naha10 Aug 2003Japan12.8 km
119 Nanjing27 Aug 2005China142.3 km942,000
120 Naples28 Mar 1993Italy34.8 km95,900
121 New York27 Oct 1904USA370.4 km4.53 million
122 Newark26 May 1935USA2.2 km
123 Newcastle7 Aug 1980United Kingdom76.5 km104,000
124 Ningbo30 May 2014China49.2 km
125 Nizhny Novgorod20 Nov 1985Russia18.9 km74,000
126 Novosibirsk7 Jan 1986Russia16.4 km208,000
127 Nuremberg1 Mar 1972Germany36.0 km323,000
128 Oporto7 Dec 2002Portugal21.7 km
129 Osaka20 May 1933Japan137.8 km2.29 million
130 Oslo22 May 1966Norway62.0 km208,000
131 Palma de Mallorca25 Apr 2007Spain8.3 km
132 Panama City5 Apr 2014Panama13.7 km
133 Paris19 Jul 1900France219.9 km4.18 million
134 Perugia29 Jan 2008Italy3.0 km
135 Philadelphia4 Mar 1907USA62.0 km293,000
136 Pittsburgh3 Jul 1985USA4.8 km
137 Porto Alegre2 Mar 1985Brazil33.8 km
138 Poznan1 Mar 1997Poland6.1 km
139 Prague9 May 1974Czech Republic65.1 km1.45 million
140 Pyongyang6 Sep 1973North Korea22.5 km98,600
141 Recife11 Mar 1985Brazil39.7 km
142 Rennes16 Mar 2002France9.0 km129,000
143 Rio de Janeiro5 Mar 1979Brazil42.0 km581,000
144 Rome10 Feb 1955Italy61.0 km907,000
145 Rotterdam10 Feb 1968Netherlands47.0 km238,000
146 Rouen17 Dec 1994France2.2 km
147 Saint Louis31 Jul 1993USA73.4 km
148 Saint Petersburg15 Nov 1955Russia113.5 km2.15 million
149 Salvador11 Jun 2014Brazil9.7 km
150 Samara26 Dec 1987Russia11.6 km43,800
151 San Francisco11 Sep 1972USA166.9 km304,000
152 San Juan6 Jun 2005Puerto Rico17.2 km30,100
153 Santiago15 Sep 1975Chile102.4 km1.75 million
154 Santo Domingo30 Jan 2009Dominican Republic24.8 km79,500
155 Sao Paulo14 Sep 1974Brazil78.4 km2.4 million
156 Sapporo16 Dec 1971Japan48.0 km573,000
157 Seattle18 Jul 2009USA22.2 km
158 Sendai15 Jul 1987Japan14.8 km159,000
159 Seoul15 Aug 1974South Korea326.5 km6.9 million
160 Seville2 Apr 2009Spain18.0 km
161 Shanghai10 Apr 1995China533.0 km6.24 million
162 Shenyang27 Sep 2010China49.5 km
163 Shenzhen28 Dec 2004China178.4 km362,000
164 Shiraz11 Oct 2014Iran10.5 km
165 Singapore7 Nov 1987Singapore150.8 km2.18 million
166 Sofia28 Jan 1998Bulgaria36.2 km79,500
167 Stockholm1 Oct 1950Sweden105.7 km847,000
168 Stuttgart10 Jun 1966Germany24.0 km
169 Suzhou29 Apr 2012China25.7 km
170 Sydney1926Australia22.1 km
171 Tabriz28 Aug 2015Iran7.0 km
172 Taipei28 Mar 1996Taiwan131.3 km1.79 million
173 Tama27 Nov 1998Japan16.0 km
174 Tashkent6 Nov 1977Uzbekistan36.2 km178,000
175 Tbilisi11 Jan 1966Georgia26.3 km241,000
176 Tehran21 Feb 2000Iran150.6 km1.32 million
177 The Hague16 Oct 2004Netherlands27.9 km
178 Tianjin28 Mar 2004China136.5 km175,000
179 Tokyo30 Dec 1927Japan304.5 km8.5 million
180 Toronto30 Apr 1954Canada71.3 km762,000
181 Toulouse26 Jun 1993France27.5 km282,000
182 Turin4 Feb 2006Italy13.4 km90,400
183 Valencia3 Oct 1988Spain31.8 km
184 Valencia18 Oct 2006Venezuela7.7 km57,500
185 Valparaiso23 Nov 2005Chile43.0 km
186 Vancouver3 Jan 1986Canada69.5 km329,000
187 Vienna25 Feb 1978Austria79.0 km1.46 million
188 Volgograd5 Nov 1984Russia6.8 km
189 Warsaw7 Apr 1995Poland28.7 km384,000
190 Washington27 Mar 1976USA189.9 km597,000
191 Wuhan28 Sep 2004China95.1 km200,000
192 Wuppertal1 Mar 1901Germany13.3 km
193 Wuxi1 Jul 2014China56.1 km
194 Xian16 Sep 2011China51.9 km162,000
195 Yekaterinburg26 Apr 1991Russia12.7 km104,000
196 Yerevan7 Mar 1981Armenia12.1 km46,600
197 Yokohama16 Dec 1972Japan57.6 km542,000
198 Zhengzhou26 Dec 2013China25.4 km

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