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Keeping track of metro news and changes to the website

7 January 2017 — More updates. Ankara: new line, +11 stations, Beijing: 2 new lines, +9, Fuzhou: +12, New York: +4, Tianjin: +17.

1 January 2017 — Major data update: New Stations Chonqing +9 stations, Hefei 23, Esfahan 1, Guangzhou 19, Hong Kong 13, Kuala Lumpur 13, Kunming 4, Madrid 7, Nanning 15, Qingdao 12, Salvador 2, Tehran 2, Vancouver 10, Wuhan 30.

1 January 2017 — Major Data Update: New Lines New lines in Hefei (new metro system), Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Vancouver, Wuhan. Oslo: existing Line 1 now included.

21 December 2016 — Minor tweaks to the city pages. Continent omitted, system name omitted if equal to system type, "No" in data fields omitted, Russia regions added.

3 December 2016 — 24 Hours and Official Websites pages improved. 24 Hours and Statistics pages improved, Official Websites bug fixed.

3 December 2016 — Four cities added to 24 hour page. Cologne, Hanover, Stuttgart, and Zurich have weekend night services on either LRT or S-Bahn.

25 November 2016 — Headline font changed. This might be not the final decision...

13 November 2016 — Website up after downtime. It had been once again down for some 48 hours due to glitches caused by the web hosting service.

13 November 2016 — Maglev and LIM entries added. ... to all respective city pages. Maglev and LIM page streamlined with countries and alphabetical order.

5 November 2016 — New lines in four cities. Chennai (7 stations), Mumbai (18 stations), Shenzhen (2 new lines, 49 stations), Xian (26 stations).

5 November 2016 — Extensions in seven cities added. Daegu (+2 stations), Hong Kong (3), Istanbul (3), Moscow (3), Seattle (1), Shiraz (2), Tehran (8).

31 October 2016 — Daejeon maglev added. There is a 1 km maglev in regular passenger service since 2008 at a science museum site

25 October 2016 — Back in service after downtime. After 36 hours of downtime, is back.

8 October 2016 — Sofia map updated and ring added. Sofia actually has a ring with two 'handles' and 15 stations since 2012.

3 September 2016 — Errors fixed. In Generated Links and 24-Hours city page sections and some minor errors.

21 August 2016 — Data updates and corrections. Delhi (+2 stations), Kharkov (+1), Medellin (+2), Shenyang (+4), Sofia (+1).

21 August 2016 — Seven new lines. New lines in Bangkok (16 stations), Chengdu (17), Incheon (27), Rio de Janeiro (6), Suzhou (22), Tianjin (8), Zhengzhou (16).

13 August 2016 — Video page rebuilt. After Youtube changed something, embedded videos were gone. Problem fixed.

22 July 2016 — Genoa photo page fixed.

22 July 2016 — is interactive. DISQUS comment function on every page (except home page)

17 July 2016 — Chicago guided tour updated and museum entry added.

17 July 2016 — Metro museum colour-coded. Types of museums that are now colour-coded in the list: metro, transport, commuter rail, tram, railway, specialty, on occasion

9 July 2016 — Even more metro museums added. Berlin depot, Buenos Aires workshop, Seoul Gyeonggi, Tokyo Keio, plus Maglev museums on the Maglev page

9 July 2016 — Metrobits data update. New metro in Nanning (10 stns.), new lines in Changsha (20) and Shenzhen (18), extensions in KL (24), and Lisbon (1)

2 July 2016 — Metro museums added. Some deep research revealed four more metro-related museums: Hong Kong, Minsk, Sapporo, and Wuhan!

26 June 2016 — Metro font for Santiago added.

25 June 2016 — Abandoned circle lines. A (fortunately small) new section on the Metro Rings page. The only entry is Sydney Monorail, dismantled in 2013.

17 June 2016 — Map colour coding switched. Red now stands for metro/subway, blue for light rail, green for other throughout the website.

7 June 2016 — Two new metros and updates to five . New metros in Fuzhou and Dongguan, new line in Baku, extensions in Bangalore, Duesseldorf, Ningbo, and Seattle.

19 May 2016 — Maglev Metros: new page. There are three lines worldwide and two more to come in 2016

18 April 2016 — Translation buttons removed. ... from the top right corner of all pages

17 April 2016 — New interactive map of the world's metros on home page!. A Google map with all cities is now embedded in the home page

8 April 2016 — City pages: new Express section, map links more prominent. Line history link moved to table at top, Transit map links moved to top below table, Express and 24h data appear as a new section in the middle of the page.

7 April 2016 — New page about express and skip-stop services. There about 20 in the world. Including lines with more than two tracks.

25 March 2016 — Duesseldorf's new LRT line incorporates art in ad-free stations. Six underground stations designed by six artists make for an art line.

25 March 2016 — Design update to the website. Changed to a little more puristic look.

18 March 2016 — New entries added to Metro Museums page. Metro museums added: Kennebunkport (north of Boston), Kharkov, Oslo. Paris updated.

15 March 2016 — Error in distance calculation fixed. On Metro Hopping Page.

14 March 2016 — New circle lines added. Rings under construction in Chengdu, Delhi, Kaohsiung, Taipei. Terminal loop in Beijing added.

14 March 2016 — Metro Hopping page shows distances. Generated from geodata.

14 March 2016 — New Transit Map link on every city page. A link to ö in every Generic Links section, generated from geodata.

14 March 2016 — Error fixed in RSS and Twitter posts. RSS and Twitter posts are again created automatically from new entries on the Updates page.

12 March 2016 — Statistics page upgraded. New in the statistics: transfer stations, fare collection, clusters, abandoned lines, arts, views, movies, beaches.

12 March 2016 — Beijing and Manila videos. ... added.

12 March 2016 — Stockholm's font added. Stockholm's metro used to have a corporate font. Designer of Hong Kong's KCR font added.

2 March 2016 — Metro clusters page updated again. Brussels-Antwerp-Charleroi cluster added. Rotterdam cluster renamed to Randstad.

27 February 2016 — New cities added to Metro Hopping page. Baltimore, Frankfurt, Philadelphia, and Washington added.

27 February 2016 — Generic links to maps and articles. City pages now have links to Railway Gazette article search and to Google's transit map in the Generic Links section at the bottom.

21 February 2016 — Updates to PSDs and Metro Hopping pages. 12 cities added to the Platform Screen Doors list.

16 February 2016 — Two new metro systems added. Nanchang and Qingdao, both in China, opened in December 2015.

16 February 2016 — New lines added. Two new lines in Beijing added and one each in Chengdu and Wuhan.

16 February 2016 — Stations added. Barcelona (15), Buenos Aires (4), Changsha (4), Cologne (4), Guangzhou (5), Madrid (10), Mashhad (2), Moscow (3), Salvador (1), Singapore (12), Tehran (1).

11 December 2015 — Data update: extensions in six cities. Bangalore (+ 6 stations), Chongqing (+2). Milan, Nanjing, Salvador and Tehran added one station each.

11 December 2015 — Data update: new lines in four cities. New lines opened in Caracas (8 stations) and Hangzhou (4). Existing lines are now included for Dalian and Sendai.

11 December 2015 — New metro in Esfahan. The Esfahan metro opened on 15 Oct 2015 with 11.2 km and ten stations.

22 November 2015 — Metro Rings updated. Updates to the page and the data.

21 November 2015 — Updates to metro archaeology. There are significant archaeological and paleontological displays in two Madrid metro stations.

21 November 2015 — Singapore museum added. The Land Transport Gallery in Singapore has a section on MRT development.

21 November 2015 — Metro hopping in India. Delhi and Mumbai added to metro city clusters.

12 November 2015 — Updates to 7 cities. Busan (+1 station), Delhi (+9), Milan (+2), Moscow (+1), New York (+1), Ningbo (+22, new line), Tehran (line 5 now included).

6 September 2015 — 198 metros at Just two to go for the 200th -- according to metrobits' criteria only, of course, as it's often disputed what should count as a metro and what not.

27 August 2015 — Major data update to 24 cities. New metros in Jaipur, Shiraz, and Tabriz. New lines in Chennai, Daegu, Istanbul, and Nanjing.

24 June 2015 — Two systems added to 24-hour services page. Philadelphia's SEPTA lines have started night operation last weekend. Five 'Night Tube' lines in London will start on 12 September. Some minor updates to other pages as well.

11 February 2015 — Title bar update. After years with the blurred background image in the title bars, maybe now's the time to get back to a more minimalistic design.

20 January 2015 — Date error fixed in recent and upcoming openings. Metros with a proposed opening of 2015 have been displayed as recently opened. That error should be fixed now.

7 January 2015 — Photos fixed on One-Hit Wonders page. A few photos, which have been disappeared from an external file host, moved to Metrobits.

3 January 2015 — Data update to eleven cities. Chengdu (6 new stations), Hangzhou (7), Hong Kong (2), Istanbul (1), Moscow (2), Rome (15, new Line C), Sao Paulo (3), Taipei (7), Tianjin (1), Wuhan (14), Wuxi (22, new Line 1).

26 December 2014 — Pearl River Delta Cluster updated. Planned connections Guangzhou-Dongguan and Macau-Zhuhai added. Zhuhai page added.

26 December 2014 — Ten Years of Metrobits. Metrobits started at about the end of 2004. The first pages were Metro Arts and Architecture and Metros with a View.

10 December 2014 — Photo added to Reaching the Beaches page. Dublin photo added

10 December 2014 — Flashier colour-coded opening dates. In the city menu (right menu) and on the Cities page, the colour codes for opening dates are more colourful now, including a separate colour for metro systems opened after 2000.

3 December 2014 — Slight change to the city pages. Metro City Hopping section on city pages now tells the cluster the city belongs to. And the Hopping section now also appears on the cluster pages themselves (like Pearl River Delta and Rhine-Ruhr).

1 December 2014 — Kiev ring added. Kiev has a pan-shaped commuter rail ring since 2011

2 September 2014 — Metro Fonts page udated with old Berlin font. From 1928, a grotesque font called U8 was used in Berlin's U-Bahn signage.

9 August 2014 — Data update: 5 new metros and 10 extended. Bilbao +1 station, Cairo +9 (new line), Izmir +3, Kunming +21 (new line), Lima +10, Malaga +17 (new system), Minsk +1, Nanjing +10 (new line), Ningbo +20 (new system), Panama +13 (new system), Salvador +6 (new system), Washington +5 (new line), Wuhan +16 (new line), Wuxi +24 (new system), Xi'an +4

6 August 2014 — New museum added. Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum in Munich displays a couple of subway and commuter rail trains. The museum has the city transportation hall since 2006.

9 February 2014 — Simplification. In an attempt to unclutter the home page, the news and statistics section have been removed (still available from the menu). Official Websites link removed from the menu (still available from the Handpicked Resources page). New Future Extensions link. City Pages page renamed Countries. Future and Metro-Like renamed More Cities.

17 January 2014 — Database update. There was another data update on 2 January: Athens (+4 stations), Charleroi (+3), Chongqing (+8), Dalian (+9, two new lines), Dubai (+1), Guangzhou (+20, new line), Naples (+1), Oporto (+1), Shanghai (+41, new line), Singapore (+6, new line), Taipei (+3), Tianjin (+5).

17 January 2014 — Metro Relationships. Metro Train Families renamed to Metro Relationships. Page improved. New section "Relationships" on every concerned city page.

29 December 2013 — Skyscrapercity links, updates to extensions and resources added. On every city page, in the Generated Links section, a link will (hopefully) lead to a related discussion at Many extension dates and official websites added.

29 December 2013 — Thirteen logos for future and metro-like systems added. Ahvaz, Calgary, Chelyabinsk, Gold Coast, Macau, Nanchang, Oeiras, Omsk, Ostend, Serfaus, Taichung, Taoyuan, Yongin

27 December 2013 — Country filter @ Future Extensions page. Future Extensions can now be filtered by country. Statistics page slightly remodelled.

26 December 2013 — Home page uncluttered. News have been moved to an archive page. The home page now consists of three short and frequently updated sections: openings, recent updates, and latest metro statistics.

26 December 2013 — Minor tweaks to the Openings section. The server uses California time, so Asian metros appeared too late in the "Today's openings" section. To compensate this, opening events will stay there for two days from now on. The section is now called "Opening these days" and will also display the date, lines, lengths, and stations.

23 December 2013 — Gurgaon listed under Delhi. Other updates include logos for Harbin and Lagos as well as updated links and resources.

19 December 2013 — Major database update last Monday. Athens (5 stations addeed), Bangkok (2), Buenos Aires (3), Harbin (18; new metro), Istanbul (23, new line), Kiev (1), Kolkata (1), Lyon (1), Moscow (4), Paris (1), Vienna (2), Xi'an (19; new line), Zhengzhou (20; new metro).

12 December 2013 — Today's Opening section on home page. Whenever the day of an upcoming metro opening is reached, the information will automatically shift to a prominent location at the top of the home page, before, a day later, it moves down into the Latest Openings section. First to be watched on 15 December 2013.

6 December 2013 — New and updated logos. Logos added for Changsha and Fuzhou, logos updated for Sydney.

6 December 2013 — New city pages for future and metro-like systems. Pages added for Maceio, Brazil; Arequipa, Peru; Kozhikode, India; Medina, Saudi Arabia; Huizhou, China; Xuzhou, China; Santos, Brazil; Nice, France.

6 December 2013 — New Latest Openings section on city pages. For cities that have had recent openings, these are listed in a section below the maps (similar to the Upcoming Openings section added recently).

25 November 2013 — Upcoming Openings section on every city page. For every city that has reported upcoming openings, these will be displayed below the maps.

23 November 2013 — Recent and upcoming metro openings. To add an element of agility to the Metrobits main page, two new boxes will always display the five most recent and five upcoming extensions in the world of metros. More complete listings can be found on two new web pages.

14 November 2013 — New Metro system opened in Gurgaon. One of its six stations links to Delhi's metro.

29 October 2013 — World's first intercontinental subway line opened in Istanbul. A line with three new stations now connects the European and Asian parts of the city. The project has been delayed more than four years because of archaeological finds.

16 September 2013 — Three Cercanias commuter metro systems added. Cercanias added to the "Other Rail Transport" sections of Alicante, Malaga, and Seville. Seville's even has a ring line! Sydney's circular monorail line has been dismantled this year.

16 September 2013 — Five guided tours added. Amsterdam, London, Madrid, St. Petersburg, and another one for Stockholm. Makes a total of currently 18 entries.

11 September 2013 — Summary of recent updates: cities. Mulheim renamed to Muelheim. Future metros added: Ahmedabad, Bogota, Changwon, Heilbronn, Lagos, Taoyuan, Yongin.

11 September 2013 — Summary of recent updates: logos. Antwerp, Bogota, Charleroi, Foshan, Gurgaon, Kochi, Riyadh, Ujeongbu.

11 September 2013 — Summary of recent updates: misc. Added: Metro rings: Charleroi, Riyadh. PSDs: Hangzhou, Milan. Self-guided tour: Seoul. Removed: Seoul metro museum (plans have disappeared).

3 September 2013 — New page: Metro City Hopping. Some metro cities are linked to others by rapid transit lines. The connections are listed on the new page and on each city's page.

30 June 2013 — Major data update to ten cities. Since the last update in January, our planet got four new metro lines: one in Istanbul (+11 stations), one in Kunming (+12), one in Milan (+6), and one in Santo Domingo (+13). Other cities with new station openings: Athens (+2), Bangkok (+2), Chengdu (+7), Chongqing (+6), Dalian (+6), Kazan (+3). On top of that there've been minor updates to other pages of the website, like Driverless Metros, Handpicked Resources, and Official Websites.

23 May 2013 — Continuous updates. Metrobits gets updated continuously. Small updates have not always been listed here, e. g. for Handpicked Resources. Latest city updates affect Jerusalem, Nanning, and Quito pages.

27 April 2013 — Metro logo display issue fixed for IE. Metro logos have recently been displayed with ugly borders in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Issue fixed.

27 April 2013 — New text font, one metro museum added, and more. Body text font throughout the website changed to a simpler font face. Philadelphia's SEPTA Museum and Shop added to the museums page. Metros with a View page updated with photos from Athens and Baltimore. Newark's entry for Abandoned Lines corrected.

6 April 2013 — Metro Candidates page renamed to Future and Metro-Like Systems. This page lists more than a hundred additional cities pages at Metrobits.

6 April 2013 — Stars indicating top content. To make navigating the website a little easier, the most popular content at is now marked with little yellow asterisks in the menu and on the Categories page.

30 March 2013 — Major ridership update. Latest ridership data by John Kennes is online.

30 March 2013 — Several updates. Kolkata Circular Line added to Circles, Milan M5 line added to PSDs and Driverless, Naples guided tour added, logos added for Adana, Dalian, Hyderabad, Mumbai, logos updated for Amsterdam, Budapest, Glasgow, Rome.

23 March 2013 — A new generic Metro Logos page to play around with. On this page, dynamically include or exclude clone logos or future metros, change the logo ordering or the display size! And the page now comprises the entire Metrobits collection (230 distinct logos, 270 including the clones), not just a subset like the former page.

10 March 2013 — Abandoned Lines -- new category. A new page as well as a new section on every affected city's page reflects the metro sections that have been closed. There are more of them in the world than you might imagine!

9 March 2013 — Metro Movies to be a major category. The touch point between subways and arts has always been a key theme at Metrobits, and the new Metro Movies category fits into it perfectly. The movies list can now be sorted by title, year, or city. The database has been pumped up to contain 142 movies filmed in 25 subways (51 of them in New York), every city page of which now contains a Metro Movies section near the end of the page. Suggestions for more movies are always welcome.

9 March 2013 — Brescia and Paris. Update to Paris features and Brescia logo and map

4 March 2013 — 'Maps" headline removed from the city pages. ... in order to unclutter them a little.

3 March 2013 — New driverless line in Milan. Milan added to Driverless and PSDs categories

24 January 2013 — Proposed Dongguan metro. Dongguan page added to the Metro Candidates page.

24 January 2013 — Granada metro under construction. Granada page added to the Metro Candidates page.

19 January 2013 — Wuxi page update. Logo and official website link added to the Wuxi page. Proposed opening of this Chinese metro is 2014, and architectural station renderings found on the Internet look futuristic.

9 January 2013 — 150 years of metro/subway. On 9 January 1863, the first underground urban railway was inaugurated in London

4 January 2013 — Twitter and RSS feed links added. Follow @metrobits on Twitter to stay updated. The RSS feed has long been around yet. Links added on the left hand side of any page.

3 January 2013 — Beijing now has the longest subway system. With the latest data update, we have a new longest subway system of the world in our database: Beijing surpassed Shanghai on 29 December by 5 km. The updates: Beijing (442 km, +50 stations), Chongqing (+18 stations), Izmir (+2), Shanghai (+16), Wuhan (+20).

28 December 2012 — Two new metros (one of them driverless) and several updates. A new driverless metro with 17 stations opened in Brescia, Italy on 22 December. Hangzhou, China got a new metro on 24 November, with 48 stations. Data updates feature Dubai (+1 station), Genoa (+1), Hamburg (+2), Kaohsiung (+1), Paris (+1), St. Petersburg (+2), and Tehran (+4).

21 December 2012 — New page: Metro Movies. The new Metro Movies page lists movies with significant film sequences set on subway trains, tracks, or in stations.

4 November 2012 — Data update to thirteen cities. New metro lines opened in Chengdu (+19 stations), Chongqing (+21), Istanbul (+15), Sofia (+10) and Tianjin (2 new lines, +40 stations). Furthermore, new stations on existing lines opened in Kiev (+1), Lisbon (+3), Miami (+1), Moscow (+1), Nizhniy Novgorod (+1), Seoul (+9), Taipei (+2) and Yekaterinburg (+1).

1 July 2012 — New metro in Kunming and six updates. New metro in Kunming and updates to Izmir, Lima, Pittsburgh, Rome, Sofia, and Volgograd.

24 June 2012 — Scientific study found similarities between subway networks. A scientific study found similarities between subway networks though they have developed independently. In most large networks, the number of stations is proportional to the square of the number of branches, the branches bear about half of the number of stations, and the average diameter of branches is about twice the average radial extension of the core [Journal of the Royal Society 16 May 2012].

16 June 2012 — Metro Candidates page updated. Seven Chinese cities, where metros are under consdtruction, added to the Metro Candidates page, as well as some other cities. A "More cities..." link was added to the menu on the right hand side that leads to the Metro Candidates page. Various Cityrailtransit maps added over the past weeks.

29 April 2012 — New subway in Suzhou, China. Another new subway system opened in China with a line 25.7 km long with 24 stations.

12 April 2012 — A music band, dedicated to metros. There have been music bands around for some time with metro-related names, like The Subways, Metro Station, or Subway to Sally, but metro fans might have been disappointed by the fact that their music actually had little (if nothing) to do with metros. These times are over as here's a band with the name Metroland, dedicating their recent electronic music album project entirely to subways: Enjoy! Metrobits' resources page updated.

30 March 2012 — Shadowy headlines and missing feedback sections. The feedback sections disappeared since Google quit its Friend Connect service at the beginning of March without notice. Thank you, Google! Valuable user comments are gone. I will try to somehow switch to Google+ to get the service back. Small stylistic addition: headlines now have shadows.

21 March 2012 — Ridership update. Updated passenger figures for a number of cities.

4 March 2012 — Data update was on 28 January 2012. The data update on 28 Jan 2012 reflected the new metro in Almaty (7 stations) as well as extensions in Bursa (+2), Kiev (+1), Moscow (+3), Nuremberg (+2), Saint Petersburg (+1), Shenyang (+19), Taipei (+8), Tehran (+1), and Yekaterinburg (+1).

4 March 2012 — Maps updates. New to-scale map (preview) for Sao Paulo, Nuremberg schematic map links updated.

15 January 2012 — Metro map mugs. Addition to the Lost & Found section: official metro map mugs that are edited by very few transit operators in the world.

10 January 2012 — Logos and regions. Daegu metro has a new logo, it has been added here. Kunming and Milan Suburbano logos also added. Region information added for Canada, China, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Spain. Some alternative Chinese city names added.

12 December 2011 — Nuremberg update. Photos of a new station entrance and another station added to the Nuremberg page

1 December 2011 — A new metro in Almaty was put into operation.. For its beautiful station designs it earned a Metrobits star right away and a new entry on the Metro Arts and Architecture page.

20 November 2011 — Extensions in the past five years. A new column in the World Metro Database shows the increase in network length since August 2006 (when the database started) for all metro systems. The busiest metro construction was in Shanghai with an incredible 340 km in those roughly five years.

14 November 2011 — Metro Candidates. Hidden Cities page renamed to Metro Candidates and Vilnius added to it.

14 November 2011 — Train width data. Train width data of over 100 metros added to World Metro Database, as well as gauge, voltage and power supply data. Metro definition moved from FAQ to new definition page. Metrobits' criteria moved from table page to new Criteria page.

5 November 2011 — Metrobits data update. Bangalore (new metro), Barcelona (+1 station), Buenos Aires (+1 station), Bursa (+3 stations), Chonqing (+18 stations), Mashhad (new metro), Paris (+1 station), Singapore (+13 stations). Mashhad logo added.

3 November 2011 — Paris' line 1 driverless. In Paris, driverless operation has been introduced to line 1, starting with automated and driver-operated trains running on the same tracks. Full automation and platform doors are planned. Line 14 has been fully driverless since its inauguration in 1998.

23 October 2011 — Update to the Berlin U-Bahn Architectural Map. Stations by Berlin's four busiest metro architects are now colour coded. Circular station symbols denominate preserved historic stations.

20 October 2011 — Two new metro systems. The one in Bangalore has opened today. The one in Algiers is scheduled to open on 1 November 2011. Missing data to be added soon!

22 September 2011 — Update to rubber-tyred, driverless metros and PSDs. New or missing entries: Rubber-tyred: Busan, Guangzhou, Hiroshima, Sapporo. Driverless: Busan. Platform screen doors: Hiroshima.

19 September 2011 — Metrobits data update. Data update to Baku, Bangkok, Bucharest, Busan, Chongqing, Delhi, Dubai, Hong Kong, Istanbul, London, Sao Paulo, Tehran, Turin, Xi'an

18 September 2011 — Track gauge and power supply. Track gauge and power supply details have been added to the majority of systems.

16 September 2011 — New metro system in Xi'an. Xi'an, the Chinese city famous for its ancient Terracotta Army, got a metro on 16 September 2011. Line 2 opened with 17 stations and a length of 20.5 km. Metrobits' Xi'an page is already there and will be filled with more information soon.

17 July 2011 — Map, photo, and 24h updates. Schematic maps: Cairo (new), Shenzhen (updated). To-scale maps: Hong Kong and Stuttgart new by Rhine-Ruhr appears on Comparing Maps page. Rhine-Ruhr Photo Page reorganized. 24-Hours page: Warsaw removed, Sydney LRT added, a note on requirements added.

28 June 2011 — Data update to nine cities. Since the previous update, 103 new metro stations have been opened: Bilbao (2), Busan (12), Manila (1), Milan (4), Nagoya (4), Shenzhen (69), Tehran (5), Turin (6). China's Shenzhen almost tripled its length and jumped from 43 to 14 in the worldwide ranking in just three months. The choice of a new data source slightly changed our figures for Kolkata.

6 June 2011 — New Categories page. For smoother navigation, this new page provides cliffhangers of all categories pages. Further, there's a new page for Jersey City (via 'Hidden Cities')).

5 May 2011 — resources for 'Hidden Cities'. Timelines by added to several 'Hidden Cities', to-scale maps added to Laon, Linz, Morgantown, Oeiras, Rostock, Serfaus, and Utrecht.

1 May 2011 — Rubber-tyred page updated. Text revised and a list of eight Alweg monorails added.

1 May 2011 — Updates in menu, 'Hidden Cities', Dubai. Menu in the Photos & Fun Stuff section rearranged, 19 'Hidden Cities' added (metro-like, abandoned), Dubai: view from Palm Jumeirah Monorail and resource added.

26 April 2011 — New 'Hidden Cities' page. The new 'Hidden Cities' page lists about 56 cities not listed in Metrobits' main directory. Some of them have metro-like systems, others may get metros in the future. Some of the pages are nearly empty, while other pages already contain considerable resources like logos, photos, announcements, or maps.

24 April 2011 — Three videos replaced by HD versions. Barcelona, Istanbul and Valencia videos were previously announced as being HD but weren't. This is now fixed.

24 April 2011 — 7 new videos of departing metros. Bonn, Duesseldorf, Miami, Philadelphia, Singapore (HD), and Wuppertal added to the videos page and the respective city pages. Rhine-Ruhr video reassigned to Essen. Now 44 videos.

23 April 2011 — Statistics included in home page. Statistics moved to home page above the News section. New Updates link placed in top row.

23 April 2011 — Comparing Maps page updated. Number of maps displayed (currently "62"). To-scale and official maps swapped sides. Rhine-Ruhr area maps (4) excluded as hardly comparable.

23 April 2011 — Manila included in Metros with a View page. As suggested by a user from Manila who also contributed a self-guided tour of Manila metro..

22 April 2011 — Metros by the Numbers. The new automatically generated statistics page summarizes facts of the worlds metros. How many metro stations are there in the world, how many circle lines, the name race between 'metros' and 'subways', the average fare, it's all here.

17 April 2011 — 5 maps added. Official maps added for Dnepropetrovsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Tashkent, Warsaw, Yekaterinburg. Table widths in city pages adjusted.

17 April 2011 — Three new videos. Barcelona, Istanbul and Valencia HD videos added, Hong Kong and Nuremberg videos transferred from Google to Youtube. Metrobits logo large-version page slightly enhanced.

10 April 2011 — Maps project complete. After adding or updating a dozen schematic maps (Chiba, Chengdu, Fukuoka, Hanover, Nanjing, Rome, Sofia, Stuttgart, Tama, The Hague, Turin, Wuhan), the maps project is complete. The vast majority of city pages now have at least one map. Navigation between the four maps pages has been streamlined by adding a group of links to these pages.

8 April 2011 — Comparing maps. The new Comparing Maps page displays previews of schematic (official) and to-scale maps of currently 66 cities side by side.

5 April 2011 — Schematic maps on city pages. Map previews from the Schematic Maps page are now also available on the city pages for each metro system. For the major metros that means the schematic official map and's to-scale map are there side by side, which sometimes offers interesting insights on how schematic the schematic maps can be.

4 April 2011 — New RSS feed. After two attempts before 2009 to establish an RSS feed using free mediator websites, this time it will probably be more reliable as it's fed directly from the database.

30 March 2011 — Updated version of Toronto Subway logo. Updated version of Toronto Subway logo. Updates page generated from database. Forum links added to 24h page.

26 March 2011 — Hong Kong gallery updated. Hong Kong gallery: references to KCR removed.

20 March 2011 — Usability enhanced. All links throughout the website are now displayed with the standard underline. Maybe not as elegant, but web design gurus like Jakob Nielsen say it's more user friendly and makes navigation easier. Love it or loath it? -- don't hesitate to tell (you'll possibly have to hit Shift+Reload to see it).

20 March 2011 — Links and Books page renamed to Handpicked Resources. Links and Books page renamed to Handpicked Resources and supplied with a short introductory text. This is to emphasize that the selection has been carefully selected and most of the arbitrary link exchange requests that sometimes swamp the inbox will get ignored.

13 March 2011 — Now three Schematic Maps pages. The Schematic Maps page now includes only a few larger previews of examplary schematic maps and a text about schematic maps. The small thumbnails are now on another page: All Schematic Maps shows thumbnails of schematic maps of about 100 of the biggest and most important metro systems.

12 March 2011 — Some schematic maps added. Some schematic maps added. New Incheon logo. Some external links updated.

11 March 2011 — Link problem fixed on Schematic Maps page. Fixed city link problem on the Schematic Maps page

8 March 2011 — New Schematic Maps page. The new Schematic Maps page displays previews of official metro maps. This is not as boring as it sounds. There's kind of beauty in those map thumbnails sitting side by side on one page for comparison. Part of the project is that there will be a link to an official map on every Metrobits city page, a thing that is still missing. The project is not completed yet but the Schematic Maps page is already here.

27 February 2011 — Major data update. Major update by Jordi: new numerical data for the subways in Adana, Athens, Beijing, Bursa, Delhi, Guangzhou, Istanbul, Kazan, Kharkov, Kiev, Madrid, Milan, Novosibirsk, Pittsburgh, Saint Petersburg, San Francisco, Santiago, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taipei.

19 February 2011 — Metro maps by Metro maps for 137 cities! Thanks to a collaboration with, Metrobits is now able to display map previews on most city pages. They are accurate real-distance maps of the metro, subway, or LRT lines. Click on those maps to find a larger version. Where a map is not yet available, a Google map will be displayed. Also worth taking a look at are the line histories from They can be found in the Generated Links section of 155 city pages.

19 February 2011 — City Fact Sheets renamed to City Pages. City Fact Sheets renamed to City Pages.

17 February 2011 — Philadelphia's PATCO logo updated. Philadelphia's PATCO logo updated.

15 February 2011 — Metro cartogram . Cartogram (distorted map) of countries' metro systems added to the home page.

30 January 2011 — Default columns changed. Default columns changed for the main entry page of the World Metro Database (continent column removed, km/stn column added).

6 January 2011 — Valencia photo gallery added. New Valencia photo gallery added.

31 December 2010 — Museum stores. Added links to a few museum stores to the Museums page and updated a few links.

25 December 2010 — Hokum removed. Removed the snow flakes that used to fall down on the home page every christmas.

23 December 2010 — Links and Books page updated. Text on the Links and Books page slightly changed, some new resources added.

21 December 2010 — 2009 ridership for San Francisco. A new 'Arts and Architecture' photo added for Tehran.

13 December 2010 — A new metro in Mecca has opened a month ago. Extensions to the systems in Buenos Aires, Chengdu, Dubai, Kolkata, Munich, Tehran, and Vienna.

10 December 2010 — Dortmund's H-Bahn added as a driverless line

4 December 2010 — Some logo updates.

23 November 2010 — Two small Paris updates: The planned metro circle line changed its name from Métrophérique to Arc Express. Updated passenger number for 2009.

10 October 2010 — Kazan added to Metro Arts and Architecture because the few stations it has are really nice.

4 September 2010 — Prague ridership updated. Rotterdam line name change performed in all sections (since 2010, the former Erasmuslijn is called line D, and Calandlijn A/B/C). Rotterdam self-guided tour updated and detailed. Photo of interesting viaduct added to The Hague page. "Check before visiting" hint added to museum hours sections.

3 September 2010 — New extensions in Bangkok, Barcelona, and Wuhan.

31 August 2010 — Fare Collection updated and Metro Art introduction text slightly polished.

30 August 2010 — Metro Bits has a new page about the different modes of Fare Collection of many subway systems. You can find the same facts in the top table on each City Page.

29 August 2010 — Modes of fare collection appear in the tables at the top of the city pages of about 70 cities.

28 August 2010 — Ticket Price renamed to Fare. Fare now visible again in the World Metro Database (error fixed).

24 August 2010 — Metro Bits has a new page that lists nearly all Official Transit Websites.

24 July 2010 — New York page updated. Saint Petersburg ridership updated.

22 July 2010 — Day-filling self-guided tour added to the 'secret' Rhine-Ruhr page. The page is not in the city list because there's a redundancy with the city pages of the cities the Rhine-Ruhr area consists of (see the also hidden Rhine-Ruhr gallery for a list of those cities).

20 July 2010 — Perugia classified as driverless.

3 July 2010 — Updated data for Barcelona, Brasilia, Delhi, Dubai, Moscow, Nanjing, Sao Paulo, and Shanghai.

28 June 2010 — Updates to metro rings: added travel times to Madrid's ring lines, corrected station number of line 6. Added Beijing's line 10 (under construction). Removed Barcelona from proposed rings.

6 June 2010 — Graph "Number of metro systems worldwide" updated on home page.

1 June 2010 — Kaohsiung update with a slightly different logo and two new Arts and Architecture photos. Kaohsiung's metro recently became one of Asia's most beautiful metro systems and clearly deserves its second star on Metro Bits' Arts and Architecture page.

31 May 2010 — Major update of the ridership data by John Kennes with the new 2009 numbers for 21 cities.

27 May 2010 — Barcelona photo added to Metro Arts and Architecture page as well as Barcelona page. Singapore's logo updated (SMRT corporate logo replaced by MRT/LRT logo).

22 May 2010 — Added Members gadget and Recent Activity gadget to the Sign In page. Improved usability for low screen resolution. Most pages will scale better now, also in the printer-friendly view.

17 May 2010 — Major data update by Jordi for Barcelona, Dubai, Edmonton, Manila, Marseille, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Taipei, and Tehran. Logos added for Chongqing and Jacksonville.

16 May 2010 — Logos updated for Caracas, Taipei, and Vancouver. Taipei has now a simplified version of its former logo, Caracas and Vancouver have entirely new ones. Logo for Edmonton added. Fixed some inconsistency in the menu links, page titles and page headlines (e.g. Voices in the Deep, Links and Books, Departing Metros).

4 April 2010 — Annual ridership replaced with daily ridership. Daily ridership seems a little handier as it can be easily compared with a city's population. The World Metro Database has retained its Annual ridership column in addition to the default Daily ridership column.

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