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Suche im Internet



Cyber 411 (14 search engines)
MetaGer (12 deutsche Suchmaschinen)
Paperball (Deutsche Zeitungen durchsuchen)
Wissensportale Bartleby
CompletePlanet "Deep Web" Search
Encyclopædia Britannica
The Internet Public Library (IPL)
Lexika &
1000 Dictionaries (links)  |  Tip OneLook into more than 500 dictionaries
Merriam-Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus  |  Tip Visual Thesaurus (futuristic!)
Meyers Lexikon  |  Neue deutsche Rechtschreibung (Duden)
Microsoft Encarta (Encyclopedia, atlas, dictionary)
Free Internet Encyclopedia (alphabetic link collection)
Encyclopedia Britannica
Dictionaries for Various Languages (travlang)
Englisch-Deutsch-Französisch, 900000 Einträge (DicData)
Wirtschaftslexikon (Eichborn)
Tip CIA World Factbook (country listing)
Liste kostenfreier Datenbanken im Internet
Volltexte 9000 books online  |  online kopierbare Bücher  |  Ebooks To Go
booksearch  |  news  |  ALEX (search in multiple e-books, make PDFs)
Project Gutenberg  (German)  |  German Language Resources
Net library  |  IT Library  |  list of e-texts  |  e-texts IT/maths/physics
wordlists/dictionaries (University of Oxford)
ADS astronomy books (scanned GIFs)  |  Bibliomaniac Index of Links
Edgar Allen Poe works
Bücher amazon.de  |  buecher.de  |  Lehmanns Sonderangebote
terracom  |  Karrasbuch
Barnes and Noble  |  amazon.com
DealPilot Preisvergleich Online-Shops
Büchersuche Linkliste
Bibliomanisches Archiv
Daily Telegraph (UK)
Financial Times (UK)
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Der Spiegel
Süddeutsche Zeitung
Der Tagesspiegel
Die Tageszeitung
The Times (UK)
Die Welt
Die Zeit
Paperball (40 deutschsprachige Zeitungen)
Paperboy (mehrere deutschsprachige Zeitungen)
Preisvergleiche Guenstiger.de
Services Free image hosting (for posting images in forums etc.)
Free Non-Copyrighted Photographs (Photo Stock Exchange)  |  Pixelquelle.de
Downloadslave (download to email)  |  ffs.net (FAX to email)
Send a FAX (TPC)
www4mail (WWW to email)
HTML to Palm file (Heise)
web2ftp (FTP access via WWW)
Mollymail Access POP3 Mailservers (by revelating your passwords)  |  Web access to POP3
ITOOLS Internet Tools (RIPE)
Domain-Inhaber anzeigen (RIPE)
URL bei Suchmaschinen anmelden (Metaspinner)
Online and downloadable CSS validator (w3c)
Online Link Checker (Elsop)
Meta tag checking, link checking, etc. 
Online HTML Tag Checker (W3C)
Suchfunktion für Sites: Freefind  |  Atomz
Online Java Compiler(!), online JPEG Compressor, Internet tips etc. (Chami)
Webspace for uploading Pictures and linking to them
Online button & banner builder etc.
Online GIF Cruncher JPEG
Online Image editing
Color blindness simulator for websites or images (VisCheck)
Online translation of text or whole websites 
Deutsche Rechtschreibung (Canoo) 
Simple Hitcounter (Webcounter)  |  Beseen  |  thecounter.com
Referrer System 
Websites auf Änderungen überwachen 
Text-2-speech (AT&T)  |  Text-2-speech (Bell-Labs) 
Language Guesser identifies 79 languages from a text fragment (TextCat) 
Online website translation 
Tip Online website and plain text translation (29 languages) 
GMX email  |  MyRealbox email
3000 Web Radio Stations 
Convert PDF to PS 
Online privacy information 
Generate true random numbers online 
True random numbers generated using a quantum random number generator 
XML/FO to PDF generator 

Programmierung Lanier, Jaron: Programmierer in den Knast
Netscape JavaScript Authoring Guide
Netscape DHTML Guide
20000 Links on Objects & Components
Links to Various Style Guides (AmbySoft)
Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Products
Country code top-level domains
Comprehensive BIOS information

Style & Computer-
Human Interaction
Principles of good GUI Design
Web Style Guide
Book Reviews: Recent GUI & Information Design Books
Links to Various Style Guides (AmbySoft)
Tognazzini, Bruce: AskTog Human interface evangelism

Freeware Nonags   |  freewarewizard.de  |  freewarepage.de
Tip PC Magazine's Free Utilities  |  freeware arena
Tucows  |  FileZ  |  Winfiles  |  Winload
Shareware/Freeware: Davecentral
fprot (anti virus tool)
Wissenschaft Bild der Wissenschaft  |  Spektrum der Wissenschaft
ExploreZone  |  MorgenWelt
The WWW Virtual Library (link collection to all kinds of science)
The Nobel Prize Internet Archive
Clixx Physik (Harry Deutsch Verlag)
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung e.V.
The Constants and Equations Pages
Medizin-Datenbank und -Lexikon (Lifeline)
Wissenschaftlicher Taschenrechner
Ancient Egypt (IBM)
& Raumfahrt
NASA Homepage  |  NASA Organisations
Hubble Space Telescope  |  SETI
ISS International Space Station  |  ISS (DLR)
AstroNews  |  SpaceRef
Tip Nineplanets  |  auf Deutsch
Clementine Lunar Image Browser
The NASA Astrophysics Data System 
Handbook of Space Astronomy and Astrophysics (as GIFs)
U-Bahn Subway Navigator  |   Subways of the World  |  Kavanagh Transit
Osamu Abe's World Subways  |  Jordi's Metro List
MetroPlanet  |  metroNews (R. Schwandl)
Metro Art  |  Art in Brussel's Metro
Untergrundbahnhöfe in Deutschland (P. Donn)
Münchener U-Bahn-Stationen (T. Oswald)
The New York Subway: Its Construction And Equipment (IRT, 1904)
Moscow Metro (cyrillic, but a lot of images)
Montreal Metro Thumbnail Map
Railway Projects
Metro Books
Schrift &
dtp.com  |  Eyesaw  |  Ray Larabie  |  etherbrian
Font Freak (hundreds of freeware fonts)  |  fontz.de
Bitstream's TrueDoc (fonts on your website)
MS Font Smoother for Windows 95 (for download)
Phil's Fonts links 

Film Tip Internet Movie Database
Filmlexikon mit Fotos und Trailern
Fun Tip Pong game
WindowsRG (Really Good Edition)
& Kultur
GreatBuildings.com (architectural database)
Frankfurt Skyline (architectural information)
Deutschsprachige Museen im Internet
Antikes Rom
HTML Form Art Competition
Richard Barbeau
Good Webcams Rovaniemi, Lappland (midnight sun etc.)
Reisen Auswärtiges Amt Länderinformationen über Visa und Medizin
Travel Warnings & Consular Information Sheets for Countries Worldwide (US
Tourist Offices Worldwide Directory
Upgrades for Lonely Planet Guides
DB Persönlicher Fahrplan
Mc Flight Auch Gabelflüge
Travel Jungle
Travel Overland
US National Parks State Department)
Hostels worldwide with reservations
Sleeping in Airports
Netzstecker, -spannungen, Vorwahlen
Kontaktgiftige Pflanzen der Welt (Contact-Poisonous Plants of the World)
Botanical Dermatology Database (Mitchell/Rook)
Plant Resources of South East Asia, Images (PROSEA)
Microscopix Photolibrary
Zukunft Next Generation Internet (ngi.org)  |  ngi.gov  |  NGI Forum  |  IBM
Space Transportation Concepts (NASA)
Next Generation Space Telescope (NGST) (NASA)  |  to be launched 2007? (STSCI)
UNL (universal networking language) (Uni SB)  |  UNL (UNU)  |  UNL ebook  |  DFKI
World's largest ship
Scents on the Internet
Gyricon: Computer monitors, thin as paper
Soltrain: Solar-powered trains in California
Free Internet Encyclopedia (alphabetic link collection)
1000 Dictionaries
Recherchequellen im Internet (Wissensnetz)
Computer: Millionen Tipps und Tricks (Heise c't)
20000 Links on Objects & Components
Liste kostenfreier Datenbanken im Internet
Internet Databases (direct search)
Searchable Databases (Lycos)
Links zu allen Gebieten (Matze)
thefreesite.com (Kostenloses im WWW)  |  kostenlos.de
Index of e-book links
Sciences (The WWW Virtual Library)
Virtuelle Bibliothek Düsseldorf
Fonts (Phil's Fonts links)
Deutschsprachige Museen im Internet

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